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Blockchain Ticketing for everyone

BitTicket is different

We're not your average blockchain company. From within the ticketing industry, we saw a problem and blockchain was our solution. We're not looking to ICO, or decentralise the world. We just want to fix the problems in our industry. Our blockchain is fast, private, stable, distributed and honest. No coins, no tokens, no cryptocurrency - just crypto-tickets.

blockchain ticketing

Welcome to the new world. BitTicket®s are immutable, transferrable, and verifiable. When you choose delivery by BitTicket, you are fighting ticket touts and the unethical practices that plague the event ticketing industry:

  • STOP counterfeit & fraudulent tickets
    • Verify existance on blockchain
    • Verify ownership after sale
  • STOP ticket touts and purchasing bots
    • Fully transparent ticketing aftermarket
    • "Bad actors" and unethical members penalised or banned

one wallet

Build up your BitTicket identity and create your digital wallet to securely hold all of your tickets in one central location. Take your wallet code with you to get into future events via screenshot, email, app, paper, tattoo ‐ however you please.

programmable tickets

Event organisers and ticketing outlets can code ownership and validity rules right into their tickets. The power of Ethereum's Solidity decentralises these rules into unbreakable law which provides unprecedented proof of trust for the consumers and artists alike.


We provide a straightforward API so existing ticketing platforms and independent events can deliver the BitTickets alike.